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Within the quarry the stone rather it be granite, marble, or any other material is cut away from the earth as large blocks that can weigh up to 90,000 lbs.

After being cut from the earth the blocks are then cut into thin slices called slabs. The slabs are usually cut to 2 cm or 3 cm, and some might be custom cut to be thicker.

If the surface of a slab has a great deal of blemishes or if a slab breaks or is not usable as a slab it will be cut down to smaller square or rectangle tiles.

Some Stone is cut into even smaller pieces that are shaped, arranged and adhered to a fiberglass weave to become mosaic sheets.

Some of the mosaic stone pieces can be arranged into intricate patterns to make decorative back splashes or interesting boarders.

Liners are stone pieces that are cut and shaped to look like molding which is used to make decorative seems from the stone to the walls.

A structure which is usually made out of brick or stone to hold fire. It is used for warming the room.

A monument is a type of structure usually made out of stone to commemorate a person or an important event. They are frequently used to improve the appearance of a city or location.

A fixture usually bowl shaped or box shaped for washing hands, dishes etc., with a faucet attached.

A brick or stone used to lay pavements, generally used for walking upon.

Pieces of stone are joined together to form some sort of design on the flooring.These are used for decorative purposes.

A flat piece of stone placed on a base or supporting legs to form a table.

Borders are pieces of stone that are placed to act as the concluding edge.

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