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This machine uses a metal wire or cable that is coated in diamond particles and other abrasives for cutting large areas of stone. As the wire is pulled across the surface of the stone a groove is worn into and eventually all the way through the stone. It is commonly used to cut the sides of the block so they are strait and flat.

A gang saw is made to do multiple cuts at the same time. In the stone industry they are used to cut a large block into several slabs. These machines can use the wire for the cutting or actual saw blades as well.

A bridge saw has a circular saw attached to a large cross member or bridge. The Sam moves back and forth along this bridge and is used to trim edges or to make strait cuts through slabs.

CNC machines are computer driven machines that use template information to cut shapes in and out of the stone slabs. In the stone industry a CNC machine's cutting tool can be an articulating circular saw or it can be equipped with a water jet. CNCs are used most for cutting the final shape for a countertop and also for cutting the holes for sinks and faucets.

Similar to the polishing machines the edge polisher does the same but only does the edges. The polishing disks are turned to the side, and as the slab is sent through the disk smooth and polish the edges of the slab.

Polishers are equipped with a multitude of rotating disk that smooth and polish the stone as it passes through the machine. Some machines are capable of completing this task in one pass.

These tools use suction to grab and hold on to the stone. They are used to hold the stone in place while the stone is being cut, and some can be used to lift the stone and move it.

A water jet saw uses a high pressured stream of water to cut though the stone. With this technology any shape at almost any size can be cut into or out of the stone. The Water on some systems can create a stream that produces up to 90,000 pounds per square inch of force.

This is a hand held tool, electric or pneumatic, that is used to put the finishing polish on the decorative edge of the stone slab.

Traditional templates are made from thin wood, cardboard, and glue. With this material an installer builds the desired shape of the counter top and makes places for the sink faucets, and any other places where the stone should be cut away. After the template is made the fabricator uses it to cut the stone slab to fit. more>>

Digital template makers use laser or photographic technology to measure and create a template so that a slab can be cut to the exact size and shape that the counter top needs to be. Photographic templaters use sticker markers that are placed on the corners of the cabinetry, and when all the required places are marked some photographs are taken. The photographs are then read by a program which makes the measurements and allows you to create the final template. The laser devise shoots a laser beam to specific points or corners of the cabinetry and the data collected is read and measurements are recorded and this again allows you to create a final template. The data from both of theses techniques are entered on the CNC machine and the desired shape is cut.
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